Frequent question: What knife do you use to peel potatoes?

What knife is best for peeling a potato?

Paring knife

If you do not have a peeler or prefer to use a paring knife for peeling that is perfectly fine. It will get the job done. Holding the potato in one hand and the paring knife in the other you want to cut into the skin of the potato just enough to swipe the knife under the skin to peel it.

Can you peel potatoes with a knife?

You can totally peel boiled potatoes in seconds. Using a sharp knife, slice a horizontal line around the middle of each potato without cutting too deeply. … (The peel is actually packed with flavor, so boiling a potato with the skin on will pep up your final dish.)

How do you peel potatoes without cutting yourself?

Peel off the skin.

Here’s the magic: with just your fingers applying pressure to the skin, it will come right off, like a tablecloth. If you’ve scored the potato, place your thumbs on this line and pull toward the end of the potato, leaving a skinless potato in your wake.

Can you keep peeled potatoes in cold water?

Storing the Potatoes in Water. Rinse the freshly-peeled potatoes with cold water. As soon as you’ve removed the thick skin from the outside of the potatoes, hold them under a stream of cold water. Once the water runs clear, set the potatoes aside on a layer of paper towels and gently pat them dry.

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Do potatoes have to be peeled for mashed potatoes?

Mash the potatoes.

If using a food mill, don’t peel the potatoes. In either case, mash, rice, or process the potatoes back into the pot they were cooked in. This will cut down on extra dishes and help the potatoes stay warm from the pot’s residual heat.

Does soaking potatoes make them easier to peel?

The Benefits of Par-Boiled Potatoes

Boiling potatoes before you peel them has other benefits, too. The potatoes will absorb less water, ensuring they won’t be gluey when mashed and that they’ll absorb all that luscious dairy.