Best answer: Is vitamin E oil safe for sensitive skin?

Can vitamin E cause skin problems?

Vitamin E as a contact allergen can cause irritant contact dermatitis, including generalized eczema, urticaria and erythema multiforme. Saperstein reported two cases of erythema-multiforme-like eruptions and positive patch tests to dl-alpha-tocopherol in vitamin E oil and cream.

Does vitamin E oil soften skin?

Beauty mask treatments that contain vitamin E may have skin-softening and anti-aging benefits.

Can too much vitamin E cause rash?

It’s not likely it’ll have positive effects on your skin, and it carries a high risk of developing a skin rash. As for taking vitamin E internally, if you take the recommended dose, it’s considered relatively safe. Excessively high doses of vitamin E aren’t recommended.

Can you be allergic to vitamin E oil?

Allergic reactions to vitamin E are very rare. But some people do report mild skin rashes when using vitamin E cream or ointment. Vitamin E is added to many thousands of products that are likely used by millions of people every year.

What is the symptoms of vitamin E deficiency?

Vitamin E deficiency can cause nerve and muscle damage that results in loss of feeling in the arms and legs, loss of body movement control, muscle weakness, and vision problems.

Is 400 IU of vitamin E too much?

Summary: Daily vitamin E doses of 400 international units (IU) or more can increase the risk of death and should be avoided, researchers reported at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2004.

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Does vitamin E penetrate the skin?

Due to its lipophilic nature, vitamin E can also penetrate into all underlying layers of skin (8). Skin vitamin E levels are higher in individuals with increased sebum production, as well as in skin types that naturally produce more sebum (e.g., “oily’ skin on the face vs. drier skin on the arm) (1, 8).

What should you not take with vitamin E?

Medications that slow blood clotting (Anticoagulant / Antiplatelet drugs) interacts with VITAMIN E. Vitamin E might slow blood clotting. Taking vitamin E along with medications that also slow clotting might increase the chances of bruising and bleeding.

What is the highest IU of vitamin E oil?

Vitamin E 45,000 IU Maximum Strength Skin Oil.