Your question: Can you keep a mole rat as a pet?

Can you get a pet naked mole rat?

Naked mole rats really should not be kept as pets. Though they are very tough animals, they need a great deal of space and would need to be kept in some kind of climate-controlled habitat where they can dig very deep and have access to certain kinds of food.

How long do mole rats live in captivity?

Mice in captivity live at most 4 years; based on their size, naked mole rats would not be expected to live past 6 years. Instead, some live beyond 30 years, and even at that age breeding females stay fertile.

Why are naked mole-rats naked?

Why are they “naked”? Native to the desert regions of East Africa, which can be pretty warm during the day, naked mole-rats live underground. If it does get cold at night, the little mammals just huddle together in a mole-rat pile and use each other’s body heat to keep warm.

Do moles look like rats?

Contrary to popular belief, moles are not rodents. They are considered insectivores which means they primarily eat insects. These creatures are nearly blind and live most of their lives underground by tunneling beneath the earth in their constant search for food.

How do I get rid of mole rats in my house?

5 ways to get rid of moles at home

  1. 01/6Home remedies to remove moles. A mole is cluster of skin cells which are not spread evenly on the skin. …
  2. 02/6 Apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is one of the most commonly used ingredients to get rid of moles. …
  3. 03/6Garlic. …
  4. 04/6 Castor oil. …
  5. 05/6Pineapple juice. …
  6. 06/6Aloe vera.
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What does it mean when you see a rat in your house?

Warmth and comfort. “Rats enter homes for the same reasons as any other animal: food, water, and shelter,” Cox says. “Rats and other rodents are warm-blooded animals, so seeking a warm place to nest is a natural instinct.”