Is Thayers Toner good for acne?

Does Thayers help with acne?

THAYERS Blemish Clearing Acne Treatment and Facial Toner is alcohol-free and leaves skin feeling renewed, soothed and hydrated. With maximum strength 2% salicylic acid, our formula helps clear acne blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads and helps prevent new ones from forming.

Which Thayers toner is best for acne?

Looking for the best toner for acne? Thayers Coconut Water Toner features all of the benefits of witch hazel, plus added coconut water that is known to deeply hydrate and calm redness. This formulation is a great choice if you aren’t really sure where to start in adding witch hazel to your daily skincare routine.

Is Thayers Toner good for your skin?

Brands such as Thayers, whose toners are “alcohol-free and also contain aloe vera, which make them “very gentle, healing, and hydrating,” according to Gity, are safe for even sensitive skin. Our go-to for easily stressed-out skin: Thayers Rose Petal Toner ($11) that’s equal parts refreshing and soothing.

Does Thayers make you break out?

I was hesitant to buy Thayers rose petal one because from past experience I’m HIGHLY sensitive to fragrance. (Even natural ones). … However, if you are like me and also sensitive to fragrance then I would not recommend. It will make you break out!

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Can I use Thayers toner everyday?

You can buy the Thayers Witch Hazel Spray or the squeeze bottle. I recommend the squeeze bottle so you can use it like a regular toner. Use once a day, I used it each morning after washing my face. Squeeze the toner on a cotton pad (or toilet paper if you’re lazy) and dab all over your face.

Can witch hazel make acne worse?

Because witch hazel is so astringent, it can make acne worse. Dryness and irritation can affect the skin, along with increasing the chance of leaving post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) behind once the pimple heals.

Does Thayers toner balance pH?

pH Balancing: Most cleansers tend to strip your skin of its natural moisture, which disrupts the pH balance on your skin. … Thayers’ witch hazel toner has a pH level of 5.5-6, which restores any lost acidity.