Should I use toner if I have oily skin?

Can I skip toner for oily skin?

Often, both of these types of products are infused with moisturizing, nourishing ingredients just like toners. If you already use one or both of these, you can probably skip toner—that is, unless you love a routine with all the steps, because skin care is actually so indulgent.

How often should you use toner for oily skin?

Use a toner morning and night. But if your skin gets dry or irritated easily, try once a day or every other day. Remember, these toners contain potent ingredients. And for more astringent formulas (designed for oily or acne-prone skin), she suggests using it every two days before gradually ramping up.

Why you should not skip toner?

That’s not all! A toner also prepares your pores to absorb nutrients better. Whatever you apply after a toner to complete your skincare routine, be it a face serum, moisturizer, or night cream, it makes the skin more receptive and gives you better results. So, never skip this step before going to bed!

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