How is fair and lovely BB cream?

Is fair and lovely BB cream good for skin?

Fair & Lovely BB Cream is little sticky and gives a white matte look on applying, that hides the dark skin spots instantly. … For dry skin type, it doesn’t seem to be a good moisturizer as it gives a dry and matte feel. In sensitive skin, it might be irritate and cause outbreaks and pimples.

Is fair and lovely BB cream is a foundation?

Fair & Lovely BB Foundation + Fairness Cream. Fair & Lovely BB Cream is an expert product that brings together foundation and advanced multivitamin fairness cream, for: *Instant fair look.

Fair & Lovely BB Foundation + Fairness Cream 40g (40 g)

Brand Fair & Lovely
Type Cream
Container Type Box
Skin Type All Skin Types

Is Fair and Lovely cream harmful?

Fair & Lovely, India’s first fairness cream, was launched by Hindustan Lever back in 1975. … The consumer must understand that these creams can only reduce tan and help in restoring your natural skin tone. They can’t make you fair,” he says. Overuse of these creams can also lead to severe skin damage.

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What are the side effects of fair and lovely?

Using the creams with steroids may end up with some other side effects like permanent stretch marks , pimples, darkening of the skin, skin-allergy and dis-figuration, etc. The ‘strong-version’ fairness creams also contain hydroquinone, a chemical which has the bleaching affect.

Can I use Fair and Lovely as foundation?

The Fair and Lovely BB Cream is a fairness cream with a make-up finish. This expert product brings together the benefits of foundation and advanced multivitamin fairness cream. Its suitable for all Indian skin tones. … You can also apply it for special occasions in place of make-up.

Which is the best Garnier BB Cream?

We Reviewed the Best BB Creams From Garnier’s SkinActive Line

  • Garnier SkinActive Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream, $12.99 (prices may vary)
  • Garnier, SkinActive Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Oil-Free, $12.99 (prices may vary)
  • Garnier SkinActive 5-in-1 Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Anti-Aging, $12.99 (prices may vary)

Can we use Fair and Lovely instead of primer?

You can also use Fair & Lovely as a base of your makeup. … If you apply Fair & Lovely as a base before makeup then your makeup will last for hours.

Can we use fair and lovely at night?

Those who work in Night Shift,they will sleep in Daytime.So before sleeping they can apply this cream at daytime and sleep. … And when you restart using this cream,again fairness will comeback in few days. Until you use our cream,you will be Super Fair. Apply normally as you apply fair n lovely.

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How can I get fairer skin?

How To Get Fair Skin at Home

  1. Lemon. Fresh lemon juice lightens dark spots and blemishes.
  2. Milk. Mix 1 teaspoon each of honey and milk, and apply the paste over your face and neck.
  3. Turmeric. …
  4. Egg Pack. …
  5. Tomato. …
  6. Hot Oil Body Massage. …
  7. Yogurt Pack. …
  8. Fruit Pack.