Frequent question: Is Biotique Honey Toner good for dry skin?

Does Biotique Honey toner contain alcohol?

It is not skin specific. All natural ingredients one-thing biotique can be adored for. No alcohol.

Is Biotique Cucumber toner good for dry skin?

It’s more like an astringent (alcohol based) than a toner. It does clean the skin (pores) very well (no doubt about that). If you have dry skin then don’t use it or apply some moisturiser after sometime.

Is Biotique Honey toner good for oily skin?

Overall, I am quite happy with this toner since it is giving me fresh and taut skin without drying out my skin further. There is another toner from Biotique range called Bio-Cucumber which is meant for normal-oily skin. I skipped that because of obvious reasons.

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